Looking for a way to express yourself?


Emotion Octopus Was Across Instagram & Tiktok,

It Was Only A Matter Of Time Before We Released Our Official Design.


Easily to Flip 

You can flip it around as many times as you want and it will keep its softness and unique shape

Express Yourself Instantly

Use the cute octopus to express your feelings without a word!

Easy Take Care

Spot clean with gentle soap, Squish often, Cuddle daily. It's made to love you and be loved.

Emotion Octopus™

Hard To Express Yourself?

Sometimes it can be hard for us to say what we feel right? No more with our Emotion Octopus, just flip it as  you feel in the moment without a word.

Too Expensive??

Most of our competitor sell them for $19.99  $17.99, we sell it for $13.99 and a little secret here but don't tell anybody; if you use code OCTOPUS you get extra 10% off, I know! Very good deal no?

Is Warranty Included?

Yes, we give you 12 months warranty so you don't risk anything and if you feel like this wasn't for you just send us an email at emotionoctopus@gmail.com


I used to struggle to express what I really feel and it was frustrating, but once in YouTube i saw this emotion octopus, I got it right away for how cute they look, then I started using as an object that represents my emotions as weird as it sounds it worked so nice and my boyfriend understood me a lot better for first time in our relationship.
Sarah O.

I love to express myself in multiple way but I never thought there would be this way like these cute octopus do, so I bought one for my daughter and she absolutely loved it.
Lana K.

Definitely the cutest octopus I've bought, it makes things easier when I don't feel good and I'm sleeping and my roommates want to know how I'm doing I just leave the octopus on the moon I'm experiencing so I don't have to deal with that anymore and they are more understandable about things we do.

Alex R.


How long does it take to arrive my plush?

The free shipping takes 8-20 business days. It is worldwide.

Do you guys ship all over the world?

Yes we do! The shipping times can change, It all denpends on your location but as always we deliver what we promise.

How long does the emotion octopus last?

We have customers who have owned it for over 15 years and they are still in great conditions because the quality of our products is from the best suppliers out there.

Why Shop From Us?

  • 100,000 customers over the last years
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